Oklahoma Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Link to our Policy and Procedures Manual (adopted July 2019)

Oklahoma Laws pertaining to Sign Language interpreting:

Oklahoma Educational Interpreter for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Act

Oklahoma Legal Interpreter for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Act

Interpreter for the Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Privilege

QAST Limitations of Levels

OKRID CMP Coordinator Information: Link to RID

Interpreters in OKLAHOMA

Oklahoma has statutory requirements for legal, and educational interpreting. Otherwise, we do not have licensure or certification requirements.

Legal interpreters have to have one of the following:
*Certified by the State Board of Examiners of Certified Courtroom Interpreters
*Requires a national certification, a 2 day orientation, and the National Center for State Courts Written Exam
*Hold an SC:L

Educational Interpreters also have statutory requirements. An educational must have one of the following, and register with the State Department of Education:
*Bachelors degree
*Completed an Interpreter Training Program
*3 years experience working in Deaf Education
AND must also have:
*National Certification
*QAST level III (3) or higher
*EIPA 3.5 or higher
*ESSE 3.5 or higher
If an interpreter has a QAST I or II, and one of the education/experience requirements, they may work in public schools for up to 3 years to receive one of the qualified levels.

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